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More About Me

After watching the documentaries Kiss the Ground, I sat on the couch for the first time after watching a documentary about the climate with such a positive vibe and thought ''this is it, I have to learn this, and how is it possible that people are not doing this already worldwide?'' Then I bought several books on permaculture and restorative farming and started reading. Inspired as I was, I also realized that I still did not know much, so I decided to follow an online MOOC Soil 4 Life at the University of Wageningen. After that I started my Food Forest design course as well as my Permaculture Design Course, which I both completed succesfully. From a very young age I have always had a strong feeling that I wanted to make a big impact on this world, but found it difficult to decide to what problem I would dedicate my life to. After graduating law school,  working in Human Resources for a couple of years and by working for the European Central Bank I finally ended up here, the place where I feel I truly belong; working with Mother Earth.

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